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Saturday, 7 September 2019

A Tale of Two GeoWoodDucks!

It was the best of times...

...and so begins the tale of these GeoWoodDuck brothers, Jimmy and Chuck. Jimmy and Chuck have embarked on what they hope will be a year-long adventure to travel from their east coast mystery locations all the way back to Abbotsford BC for August 22, 2020.

What's more, anyone who helps them on their adventure will be entered to WIN some great prizes!

We will have trackables and pathtags available to be won by anyone who participates in this contest between now (Sep 7, 2019) and the official end of the contest, at GeoWoodstock XVIII on August 22, 2020 in Abbotsford BC.

So how do you get entered in? It's easy!

Find out where Jimmy or Chuck are, go find them, and move them along westward in their adventures!

If you move and log one or both of Jimmy or Chuck, you will be entered into the contest!

Find the GeoWoodDuck, move him to another cache, or an event, drop him from your inventory, and you will be entered to win!

Find and locate Chuck with this code: TB9ACZ8

Find and locate Jimmy with this code: TB9ACZ6     

Another option is to post a photo with one of these duck twins on Twitter or Instagram tagging @LANMonkeyGC and @GeoWoodstock18 for an entry in the contest. 

Make sure that you follow @LANMonkeyGC on Instagram and Twitter for clues as to where the ducks have traveled and where you might find them!