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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dwight Moves On...

So this weekend, Dwight the Puzzling Monkey finally moved out from our home and has started his adventures. He was grabbed from the LANMonkeys in the Delta/Richmond area by K of KNL_Caching, and briefly hung out with Kuyvenhoven, Walkinbyfaith, and l0cus; all of whom have gleaned his secrets, and found his puzzle tree.

Sunday was the big day for him to start out, and from what we've seen, he's looking to move on again. Like the littlest hobo, he doesn't stay in one place long.

If you see him, say "hi" for us, and maybe post a picture of where he is so we don't miss him too much.

It was fun getting him started, and hopefully he'll get to meet many of the local geocachers in the MetroVan/Lower Mainland area before too long.

Cache safely, and cache often.
Team LANMonkey

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