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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Nor-Way to Go! Episodes 3 & 4 of Geocaching Adventures

It's time to share our insider info on Geocaching Adventures Season 1 - Episodes 3 & 4 from artful Oslo, Norway.

In case you've missed those episodes, you can watch them here!

Episode 3 - Norway to Go!

 Episode 4 - Art Attack!

Where Did We Go?

We explored the city of Norway; in episode 3 we explored entirely on foot from our hotel near Munchs Gate and Keysers Gate, right by the virtual cache "Grass Roots Square" featured in episode 3. 

Most of what you'll see in episode 3 is from walking through City Hall area and down to the waterfront near the new virtual rewards geocache "Oslo City Hall - V&V #27."

We followed the shoreline to the South-East and that's where you'll most of the sights we shared in that episode.
Some of the key places we visited are:

In episode 4, we used the Oslo Hop On - Hop Off tour bus to explore our way around a larger part of the beautiful city.

The tour buses run a standard pattern; effectively a loop that is clearly illustrated on their website. 

In the 4th episode we took you along to:

Vigelandsparken (Vigeland Statues Park)
Norsk Folkelmuseum
Norwegian Maritime Museum
Oslo Opera House

What Geocaches Did We Find?

Here's a list per episode of key geocaches we found. Good news - there's been several more virtual reward caches placed in Oslo since we visited. OK, good news for YOU planning a trip there, or perhaps for us, since I'd love an excuse to go back!

Want to Know More?

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