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Sunday, 27 March 2016

The 2016 Great Podcast TB Race!

In case you hadn't heard yet - and are interested in podcasters getting competitive and trash-talking each other (well, I don't know about that) - my friend and fellow Geocaching podcaster has accepted my challenge for an "across the continent" TB race, and we will be updating race progress each week on our respective podcasts.

Michael Miller of the Cache and Release podcast handed me a pretty fancy trackable to bring back to Vancouver, BC and I left my trackable with him when we recently visited Orlando, Florida. 

We each dropped them off in a cache and they are on a mission to get "back home" but it's not just about which one gets home first. We've devised a point system where there are 5 points for being the first TB back home, but an additional point for each state or province visited, plus a point for every photo someone takes with the TB. 

 For more info on the TB race and just some general fun in Disney World's EPCOT Canada Pavilion, check out this video

To hear the latest updates on the race, you can also tune in to the Caching in the Northwest podcast.

And most of all, remember to always "cache safely, and cache often!"

- The LANMonkeys