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Friday, 9 August 2019

Want Pro-Tips for Geocachers AND Muggles to Love Their Visit to BC, Canada?

Well then friend, you've come to the right place!
This Fall I will be making the first edition of "The Geocachers Handbook to Metro-Vancouver & the Fraser Valley" available to LANMonkey Patrons!
This book is the compilation of two years of effort of combining all the best geocaching and non-geocaching visitor experiences from the region. 

Painstaking research including colour photos of various highlights will assist the experienced and novice visitor to our beautiful region in understanding the local history, geography, transit & transportation, amenities, and family friendly attractions.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the geocaches? The book will highlight some real pro-tips on what the must find geocaches in a variety of categories are, and include tips from my personal experience on how to find them and what to expect on your adventure.

The book will be invaluable to any visitor, and is offered first to those who have invested in supporting my efforts to publish quality geocaching and travel adventure information and entertainment for the past several years.

Any level of Patreon support will have access to the book for download once it's ready for you later in 2019. 

However, to give you a taste of what's to come, here's an overview of the chapters of the book at the moment:

  1. The Cities and Suburbs
  2. Getting Here
  3. Must-Find Geocaches
  4. Where Geocaches & Attractions Overlap
  5. Best Secret Spots
  6. Getting Outside the Cities
  7. Free (and Discounted) Stuff
  8. Day (& Multi-Day) Trips from Here
  9. Other Resources & Contacts for Geocaching in South Western BC

The first chapter has already been made available to Patrons for download as an early thank-you for their support, and is available to any new Patrons.

If you are curious about how to access this once it's published, follow our social media channels @LANMonkeyGC on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or better yet, sign up as a Patron and support the work, plus get other great patron bonuses & perks!

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