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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Willows Series Instructions

Good Morning World!

As our first blog post, we'll include our detailed instructions for our first "series" of geocaches we are placing around the Lower Mainland of beautiful British Columbia.

So I'll get right into it...

The series is called "the Willow Series" therefore each cache will have something to do with "Willows."  I'm guessing that was self-explanatory, but we've certainly noticed that some cache series aren't quite that obvious..

The first hide (the aptly named "Willow Series #1") is in Vancouver, and as of now, holds the first clue to the over-all puzzle (check the inside lid of the cache container).

The object is to collect all of the clues, solve each of them, then combine them to determine the "magic phrase." Once you have the magic phrase, you'll know what to do with it by applying instructions found in one of the caches, and that will lead you to the final cache of the series.

Note, that there WILL be some travelling required with this series - we wouldn't want to make it too quick and easy!

Locations that will be included in this puzzle series are:
Vancouver, Langley, Surrey... and more!

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