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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Where Do You Gear Up?

Being relatively new to the geocaching community, Mrs. LANMonkey & I weren't sure where to start, and certainly struggled a bit until we read through the site "getting started" sections. That was a big help.

So slowly, by trial and error, we've been piecing together our "caching kit" we take with us each time we go out, and I'll talk about our kit itself in an upcoming post.

But the other question we had was "we want to start hiding some caches - where do we get the gear?"

So again, to the rescue, there's tons of online shopping options. But we kind of like the "personal" touch - at least while we're still getting our feet wet here. So I searched to see what stores there were in the Greater Vancouver area. Honestly, the site wasn't terribly intuitive for figuring that out, until by way of checking phone numbers & URLs I narrowed it down to WorldCaching.

I reached out to the purveyor there, and was welcomed to visit their store (by appointment only). And I must say, while it wasn't an extensive or expensive shopping adventure, the amount of information shared, and number of our questions patiently answered were fantastic.

So, if you live in the GVRD, need caching supplies, please check out WorldCaching! They come with the LANMonkey "seal of approval."

That all said, I'd really like to learn from you other cachers where you get your supplies, and what recommendations you have. So feel free to add your comments and let us all know who gets YOUR seal of approval, and why?


  1. A lot of supplies can be bought at the dollar store, including waterproof containers. Getting unique cache containers are fun too.

  2. Great point Eric. Not only have I done that (Dollar Store) but have also created cache containers from raw matwrials in my home and/or yard. Creativity is certainly valued in this Geocaching community!
    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. There is a military surplus store in New Westminster, if you need things like Ammo-Cans.
    For geocaching related items as well as coins, there are also the -however, over on the island (View Royal, Victoria)

  4. Thanks V-I-cacher, more places for us to consider when preparing to place or find caches, or getting TB/GC's out travelling.