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Monday, 6 May 2013

LMGA - Ep 016 - 9 Cache Types in 1 Day

Welcome to our show notes for episode 16 of LANMonkey's Geocaching Adventures. Travel with us from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia to Bellingham, WA as we search out nine different cache types in one day. Our adventure was successful, in that we found one each of the following cache types:
  1. Puzzle
  2. Traditional
  3. Event (WWFM X Flashmob event)
  4. WhereIGo
  5. Letterbox
  6. EarthCache
  7. Multi
  8. Virtual
  9. Webcam
It was great fun. We met some new cachers when we participated in the 2013 WWFM X,  visited some beautiful locations, and just generally had a great time in Canada and the USA.  So that's one more challenge accepted & completed!

If you've completed this or a similar challenge, tell us about it, and the highlights of that adventure.

Cache safely, and cache often!
Team LANMonkey

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