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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

LMGA - Surrey Heritage Tour Multicache - Episode 18

Hey geocachers! As it turns out, Mr. LANMonkey can't count above ten, so episodes 18 & 19 are out of order. To make up for that boo boo, I'm providing another Geocaching Two-Fer Tuesday. This  episode was filmed a couple of weeks ago in Cloverdale BC, when Mrs. LANMonkey & I did the "Surrey Centre Heritage Tour."

It was a fun cache, with a fair bit of walking (and some elevation change, for those who don't handle that well).  If it's a nice day out, come with water! In my opinion, this multi *is* stroller friendly, so you can bring the kids, but you *will* be walking alongside some busy roads so use your judgement on that.

Over-all we really enjoyed this, and even though we've spent a LOT of time in that immediate area, we still learned quite a bit about the heritage of that part of Surrey.

Thanks for the cache!

Cache safely, and cache often.
Team LANMonkey

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