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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

100 Geocaches in 1 Day

Team LANMonkey & Donner teamed up once more (we do that a lot) to see if we could find 100 geocaches in 1 day on our bikes. We had a slight advantage in that we hadn't cached the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail area yet, so that was over 70 possible finds right there. However, it was also a long ride!

So why would we try and find 100 or more caches in one day? Mrs. LANMonkey has her eye on a challenge cache (Your Caching Chronology - GC42TRJ) and the requirements are 100 caches in one day, 300 caches in one month, and 100 continuous days of finds. Since June gets an extra weekend this year (does it every year? I don't know.) we figured it would be the perfect month to try for the 300 - and what better way to start on 300 in a month than to get 100 on the first day of that month?

Yeah, we're a little nuts for our geocaching.

Cache safely, and cache often!
The LANMonkeys

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