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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Challenge Caches Paused - Where to Find Information and Opinions

Paws on Challenge Caches? OK, easy!
April 21st 2015 announced a moratorium on publishing new challenge caches. This announcement has resulted in a lot of opinions from many quarters, but as with anything in life, it's important to sort out information from opinions to help you understand what is actually going on.

" is not approving...challenge caches...for 1 year..."

In simplest terms, is not approving any further challenge geocaches for publishing on their listing site for 1 year, effective April 21. This moratorium will be used to consult with the Geocachers around the world and determine how to make the challenge cache aspect of Geocaching better for everyone who plays the game. It is important to also be aware that "it does not impact previously published challenge cache listings."

This morning I took a listen to episode 400 of the Geocaching Podcast and was interested in the opinions and ideas of the hosts on that show. I found it curious that a few of the things they discussed were actually covered in the interviews I conducted at's office the day the moratorium was announced! 

For example, there was some discussion about how can/should consult more with Geocachers on these kinds of topics to ensure that decisions are made with input from the user community. Well tune in to episode 92 of Caching in the Northwest to listen to lackey JaymeH explain how they are engaging YOU, geocachers, in making decisions by way of her role as the User Insights Analyst.

Her methods move far beyond the User Insights forum although that's a great place to start. She shares with you in our interview how she will be engaging directly with geocachers to get their opinions on various topics to bring directly back to the development teams. 

That's right - JaymeH will be at select Mega events throughout the year meeting with groups of geocachers to get your insights

Want to know how to get an invite? Listen to the podcast live tonight (Thursday, April 30th at 9:00pm Pacific) or hear the recording afterwards if you can't join us live. JaymeH explains the whole process in our interview.

"...listen to ... Caching in the Northwest where Eric clarifies the situation and how you can be involved..."

Several other of the Geocaches podcasts, including episode 8 of the "Cache & Release" podcast, have shared the news about the challenge cache moratorium, and while Michael Miller and his peers have all explained it fairly well, if you'd like to hear the thoughts directly from Eric, PR & Social Media Manager at, listen to episode 91 of Caching in the Northwest where Eric clarifies the situation and how you can be involved.

As always, we're really interested in your thoughts about challenge caches:
  • Do you enjoy doing them? 
  • Do you have any plans this year to complete any? 
  • Will you be providing your constructive feedback on how to make the Challenge Caching experience better?

And whether you are going after challenges or LPCs, remember to always:

"Cache safely, and cache often!"
The LANMonkeys

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  1. I have done several challenge caches in the past and am heading to Alberta in the beginning of June and have already planned on several that I will be doing while there. I enjoy doing them as they challenge you to set goals of finding caches.