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Friday, 11 January 2013

"The Willow Series - Bonus"

The weather this winter has not been kind to cache contents that are not extraordinarily protected. On that note, I was out performing some cache maintenance today and found that, as per the reports, the log scroll for "The Willow Series - Bonus" cache of ours was more pulp than log. 

I brought it home and was able to dry it out, and will bring it back soon, but in the meantime, the handy  hint sheet for finding the final wasn't holding up well either, so I've taken a different approach.  

In the cache itself you'll find a WELL laminated card with a short URL & QR code that will take you to a Wikipedia site that will walk you through how to perform the cipher we've used.

As for the extra content that we had in the cache to help you all out, I've posted it below in this blog entry where it will be completely weather & muggle proof. ;-)

"Welcome to "The Willow Series - Bonus" by team LANMonkey. To solve the puzzle you will need to have the ciphered text found in cache#2 (GC3YVWE), and combine the clues found in caches #1 (GC3WREV), #2 (GC3YVWE), & #3 (GC3YVTT).  Using the right side of your brain, think about what those clues have in common, and you will arrive at a 15 character phrase.
That phrase, without spaces, is the running key.  You will need to use the tabula recta as your tableau.
Once you've decrypted the ciphered text, you will need to perform one more decryption, which is a simple a=1 Caesar substitution cipher. 
If you get stuck, contact the COs."

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