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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Congrats to teammelbert - find #1000

Driving into work today & listening to the PodCacher podcast episode 415, I tuned in a bit more closely when I heard Sandy mention the name of a geocaching team I recognised as being from our neck of the woods.

In their regular section congratulating geocachers on milestones either emailed or phoned in to the PodCacher crew, the first mentioned was find #1,000 for teammelbert. The description of the find was highlighted by the fact that mel & bert (and baby melbert!) chose GC429MW "Memorial to "jrhere"" as their milestone cache. Classy move teammelbert, and congrats not only on 1,000 great memories for you all, but mention of local geocaching goodness around the world on the podcast.

PS: love the photos and the choice of going above & beyond the traditional paper sign!

Cache safely, and cache often!
Team LANMonkey

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